Meet the Team!

The Cook Inclusive Company is dedicated to involving participants, staff, and supporters that represent diverse backgrounds and experiences. As we grow our team, we have a large focus on involving people living with disabilities, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and the intersectionality of differing identities in our leadership team and decision-making.

Our Team

Kaleb Cook


Executive Director

Hallah Bates


Job Coach

Sydney Upchurch


Program Coordinator

Binh Nguyen


Board President

Our Community Partners

Christi Bontempo


CEO at Mountain Berry Culinary

"I now understand that anyone regardless of ability is able to help us as long as we stop and slow and be patient. As long as we have dedicated people who want to learn, we can continue to make amazing food in all of our culinary kitchens. We have learned so much from this group."

Steve Bontempo


Head Chef at Mountain Berry Culinary

"The level of professionalism and dedication for their work continues to impress me. I have never seen that anywhere else. The Cook Inclusive staff are amazing, I wish I could hire them at all of my properties. They teach me more than I teach them. We are always looking for dependable staff who understand what we are trying to do, and this team is a perfect fit."

Join the team

Are you interested in joining the Cook Inclusive team? We anticipate matching program managers, job coaches, and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Interns to our model programs. We have not yet started the hiring process, but if you are interested in joining our list of interested candidates, please fill out our survey using the link below!