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Cook Inclusive Community job board postings provide work opportunities for people living with disabilities. We also provide work opportunities to people without disabilities that are looking for job coaching, mentoring and direct support professional positions. We offer Cook Inclusive Program specific positions along with share job postings from the community. Click on the buttons below to see our current job postings.

Job Board

Positions within community for people living with disabilities that are publicly advertised by an independent organization. Cook Inclusive has no association with the job but is happy to help assist applicants in applying for these positions! Position's focus ranges from community, culinary, business, maintenance and clinical.

Positions within community that are publicly advertised by the independent organization. These are positions for people without disabilities that are looking to support people living with disabilities as a job coach, mentor, direct support professional, camp counselor, and much more! Cook Inclusive identifies local nonprofits and organizations that have the best interest of people with disabilities in mind!

Positions specifically for Cook Inclusive modeled programs. These positions typically offer independent living support, leadership development, career training, and social skill development. Our team offers positions in administration, nonprofit management, job coaching, and work placement training. We also offer academic internships in Nonprofit Management, Disability Services, and Therapeutic Recreation.