Our Story

The Cook Inclusive Company founder Kaleb Cook began his impact in the disability community in kindergarten when he was paired with Sydney, a student with Down syndrome in his class. These two immediately hit it off, and a beautiful friendship developed. It was recommended that they participate in the same classes throughout grade school as they knew how to best support each other through laughter, acceptance, and kindness.

While in middle school, their peers began treating Sydney differently because of her disability. Kaleb did not understand why people were treating his friend this way and decided to get involved with disability organizations and special education classrooms to create positive change in the disability community. 

At a young age Kaleb began joining nonprofit organizations that served individuals living with disabilities such as Best Buddies, Special Olympics, transition centers, adaptive recreation centers and camps for people living with disabilities. He became increasingly involved within this community by developing his own nonprofit programs, including an adaptive dance therapy program, adaptive gardening program, and prior to starting Cook Inclusive a workplace transition program for individuals living with disabilities. After seeing the immense benefits employment has on individuals, he decided to start Cook Inclusive to provide supportive employment services to youth with disabilities. Upon rooting Cook Inclusive in the Roaring Fork Valley, we have grown fast and have expanded our mission to serve the queer, disability, Deaf+ and neurodivergent communities. Sydney recently visited Cook Inclusive and was able to experience what her friendship with Kaleb created. 

Sydney and Kaleb spending time together in Colorado this summer.